Why The Fanny Pack Is Making A Comeback

December 08, 2021 6 min read

Why The Fanny Pack Is Making A Comeback

"The 80's are coming back!"

And that they are! Whether it's from our style of dress, hairstyles, the movies we watch, or the infamous fanny pack, 80's style is making a hot comeback, with a little more class and a little less neon color.

It wasn't long ago that these packs were a dreaded style choice and mom and dad's way of being the ultimate embarrassment, but now these "waist bags" are regarded as stylish, super functional, and practical. Our fanny pack boasts all of this and more!

Let's dive into some details on these packs in general, and then we'll get into why we love our fanny the most.


Why Do They Call It A Fanny Pack?

They call these bags a fanny pack because, well, you can wear it right on top of your fanny (or your rear-end, booty, bum, rump, whatever word you like to call it)! The original design of these bags was created to be worn towards the back right above your bum with the clip clasping in the front.

However, we have to be clear that the title for these packs is popularized as more of an American term since "fanny" is an American term for your backside. "Fanny" can mean something entirely different in British English, and these bags have nothing to do with that meaning!

But aren't these purses more often worn on the front of your waist, not the back?

Traditionally, yes, these packs are often worn in the front for easy access to necessities, but they can be turned around to be worn on the side of your waist or in the back, which would leave the pack right on top of your fanny.

Like we mentioned above, initially, the design was for easy usage with the clip being easily accessible to put on and take off in the front, but since the pack itself faces behind you, it created an easier way for pick-pockets and thieves to steal your items right from behind you, leading most people to wear it towards their front and clasp the buckle in the back.

Fanny pack and sling bags
What Is A Fanny Pack Called Now?


A fanny pack now is also called or referred to as a moon bag, waist bag, belt bag, and even bum bag in British English. But, whatever the name, they are all identical in that they are worn around the waist and have extra storage space.

We especially love the newer name "belt bag" because it describes our pack perfectly!

Since our belt bag is so beyond versatile, you can't beat the many different ways of using, or holding, our one-of-a-kind pack. Created with a chic leather adjustable strap, mimicking an actual leather belt, this belt bag combines the comfort you need to adjust the strap to your perfect waist size and the added fashion of what a handmade leather belt can bring to your entire ensemble.

So, whether you're hiking up the hill, exploring new sights in a bustling city or quaint town, or even having a night out with friends, these little babies are an all-around perfect accessory for any outfit. We can't seem to think of a single reason not to have one!

Designer Fanny Pack


What makes these newest waist bags so different and more popular than the bright neon-colored, synthetic fabric type of packs you'd initially find in the '80s and '90s is how a designer fanny pack has taken these types of bags to new heights and created a new spin of class and elegance that weren't there before.

Designer packs have been seen gracing the runways of top designers and featured in magazines, even being sported by celebrities hot in the fashion industry.

What was once an embarrassing fashion faux pas has become a must-have everyday item for both men and women. And, we can see why!

So, while the title "fanny pack" may have had a different meaning years ago and some people might still see it as an unstylish, outdated item, we believe that this belt bag, as we like to call it, is coming back in a big way and with good reason!

What are those reasons? Let's talk about fabric first.

While those nylon waist bags in the 80s were pretty durable, they were the farthest thing from chic. Now, you can get our waist bag made of 100% genuine Italian leather providing elegance and high quality that the nylon bags could never achieve.

This leather is smooth, comfortable, and comes in classic shades of black and tan, which can match with just about anything you wear!

We also can't be thankful enough to say “goodbye” and “see you never” to those hideous zippers! Our belt bags close tight with a simple and sophisticated metal button which contributes to using our bag with casual attire or even dressier attire.

The design and creation of this belt bag is very simplistic and contains a small internal pocket perfect for storing cards or cash for the easiest access. Without loads of compartments, this belt bag stays sleek and compact fitting all the essentials you need without the bulkiness that older packs used to have.

Clearly, our designer-type fannys are the ones making a comeback!

But, there's more that makes our bag so unique and envied.

Fanny Pack Shoulder Bag

Waist bags need to go around your waist; there's no way around that. However, what if your waist bag could turn into a shoulder bag? Now, let's take it a step further. What if your waist bag could turn not just into a shoulder bag but also into a classic clutch?

Did we just imply one bag could go three ways?

Yes, you bet your "fanny" we did!

Our stylish leather fanny bag has a leather strap that can be tightened for wearing around your waist or loosened for a much longer strap that can easily be worn as a shoulder bag. These variables allow you to even turn it into a compact crossbody bag, too.

Need a purse you can have hands and arms free during the day, but swap to a shoulder bag for a dressier night out for dinner and drinks? This is the one!

The back sleeve that the strap flows into takes this to the next level. Because of this back sleeve, you can remove the strap altogether and leave yourself with a sophisticated and high-fashion clutch easily used with dressier attire.

You might just find this is the one-and-done bag you've been looking for all along!

We should just call this the ultimate "fanny pack shoulder bag crossbody clutch" since it can do it all!

Size isn't an issue either. We've thought about those who prefer a little smaller or a little larger belt bag. You can choose the small pack with the strap, the large with the strap, or if you're indecisive- you can grab the small AND large with the strap.

Is It OK For A Man To Wear A Fanny Pack?

Yes, it's perfectly OK for a man to wear a fanny pack - as long as it's the right fanny pack. A man's fanny pack should be simple, understated, and professional looking. It should not be flashy or over-the-top.

A man's fanny pack should primarily be used for carrying small personal items like a wallet, phone, keys, and sunglasses. 

However, there's no right or wrong answer to this question, it's simply a matter of personal preference. Some men find fanny packs to be very convenient and comfortable, while others find them to be embarrassing or unflattering.

Ultimately, it's up to the individual to decide whether or not he feels comfortable wearing one. We created our updated Fanny Pack to be used as a sling bag which is how most men who purchase it like to use it.

In Summary

Well, we know our designer fanny pack speaks for itself as to why these bags are making a comeback!

Our designer leather belt bag has classic colors, versatility, superior quality, style, and functionality to top the charts.

Even after all these years and new styles and trends, old habits die hard, but it doesn't mean they can't be revamped. That is exactly what we've done.

Fashion bloggers and street style stars have resurrected the waist pack trend in recent years, so there's no shortage of cool options on the market – whether you're looking for a small zip pouch or a roomier option to fit all your essentials.

So try our waist bag for yourself, and we guarantee you'll be finding more uses out of this bag than you ever thought possible! This won't be a bag you'll use for a while and then shove in the back of your closet. This is a comeback bag, one that will continue to be raved about for decades to come, come, and come back again.

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