The story behind Mayko Bags

Above, our founder Maya working in the studio.



Maya's story

I wasn't the star student in class - in fact most of my notebooks in high school were filled with loads of doodles, especially sketches and designs.

I excelled above all others in one thing - styling. And most of the girls in school would come to me for advice or ask me to help them with their outfits.

From a young age, I always had a knack for self-expression, especially when it came to expressing myself through clothing and accessories. I often reminisce how I used to get dressed and put on something unique, only to race home after ten minutes to change because I had attracted odd stares.

Soon after completing high school, I gave into wanderlust and began traveling. While exploring the world, I quickly began to realize that independent, fashion-conscious women were everywhere, and they weren't ashamed to strut their stuff.

One day, I found myself stuck in India with not even two rupees to rub together - I needed a job and fast! And where would I find a decent paying job in India of all places?!

I went after what I had experience with: sewing machines. I very quickly found myself sitting behind a machine in a local tailoring shop on the streets of Manali.

The store specialized in leather products of all kinds and for the first time ever I said: "My god, who knew that working with leather could be such fun?!"

Upon my return to Israel, I landed right in Central Tel Aviv. Finally! A city where I could be myself and dress as I felt without getting any weird glances from passerby on the street.

I soon discovered the leather stores downtown. Suddenly, I realized that there was a whole world out there with endless choices when it came to textures and colors. Again I said: "My God, I can't believe that this has been here all this time!"

With the first bag I created, I managed to sell it after two days and it left me shocked and surprised. The client was so happy that within a week, I was designing items for all of her friends that she sent my way. Within the first 6 months, I sold out my first collection and realised I was on to something very special.

I wake up everyday and get to do something that I enjoy. I get to live my dream, and there's no way that I'm ever going to give it up.

Today, I have a small factory helping me out, who bring my creations to life and in so doing, help me to bring my designs directly to you.

Maya  ♥