Up Your Fashion Game With Mayko's Mini Backpack

December 15, 2021 5 min read

Up Your Fashion Game With Mayko's Mini Backpack

Backpacks have been necessities to all of us since we were kids. Some of us even remember how exciting it was to buy our very first backpack for our first day of grade school!

However many years it's been since then, that excitement can still be kept alive when buying MAYKO's Mini Backpack as a treat for yourself or for your loved ones whose backpack obsession has taken new heights.

Backpacks needed the standard loads of compartments to carry around our school supplies and, frankly, be pretty large and bulky to handle the weight of all the books we had. Aside from various colors and patterns, we didn't have too many options to choose from when we were in school.

Now, though, backpacks are not a one-size-fits-all bag. You could say that they have flipped the switch and turned into a significant fashion statement for young and old alike. Our smaller backpacks are perfect for everyday activities that hold our needed items but still keep our outfits and entire look classy.

So what is so special about these smaller backpacks? We'll tell you right now! If you will, keep reading below, and you'll get the entire skinny.

Are Mini Backpacks In Style? 

Mini backpacks are definitely in style right now! Maybe we couldn't say that a few years back since many were trying to keep these backpacks in the '90s where they felt they belonged, but with some new design and pizazz, these small backpacks are nothing like what we used to carry around.

Ok, maybe these smaller backpacks are in style for youths like teens/early twenties, but are they honestly in fashion for adults?

The answer is yes!

Mini backpacks are in style for women of all ages in adulthood. Yet, how can you be sure you're chasing after a fashion trend for your era?

Distressed gray leather backpack, bag 

First things first, it's crucial to choose a small backpack made of high-quality material and simple in design.

Simplicity provides an unmatched style that exudes maturity in your fashion choices and makes it much easier to keep up with our ever rigorous busy schedules.

For example, high-quality leather material won't go out of style quickly; it lasts and endures the longest. Plus, it’s much easier to match all of our changing outfits.

No matter your age, or the age of your loved ones, Mayko's Mini Backpack is a perfect addition to anyone's handbag arsenal.

Why? Let's talk about its usage. 

What Are Mini Backpacks Used For?

As the name implies, mini backpacks are used to carry small essential items like cell phones, wallets, make-up, keys, etc. Essentially the things you keep handy to need at a moment's notice throughout your day when away from home.

These small backpacks can be used for various reasons, including an everyday bag or traveling bag.

Remember how we mentioned these smaller backpacks are ideal and most practical for adults? Here are some reasons why we say that. 

These smaller backpacks provide a hands-free environment- no more worrying about the straps of your tote bag falling off your shoulder into the crease of your arm while you are carrying something (we've all been there, and one too many things have dropped out of our hands this way).

Plus, for parents who don't need a diaper bag anymore, but are often still carrying their children or running after them, *cough cough*- trying to catch things in mid-air that they knock off the shelves- these small backpacks are handy for just that.

Mom's need to feel like they can keep up with their children and still look put together. Smaller backpacks provide this sense of capability for parents and keep up with fashion trends no matter the age. 

Some of us use Mayko’s Large Leather Backpacks as stylish diaper bags!!   

Even if you don't have any children, small backpacks are convenient for holding that cup of coffee in one hand and bagel in the other without a big purse getting in the way under your arm or elbow.

Traveling is another perfect opportunity to put smaller backpacks to use.

Small black leather backpack

You're more than likely taking pictures of every sight and trying to get photos of yourself with every sight. No one wants to see a purse on the side of you taking away from the shot. With a smaller backpack behind you, you won't have to worry about putting your bag on the floor during those pictures, and it provides the perfect look of travel, adventure, and chic fashion in one outfit.

Remember, the bag you choose can significantly add or take away from your entire attire.

Choose wisely!

Well, you don't have to have that much pressure on your shoulders.

We've taken the burden of searching around and offer you the best of the best here at MAYKO. We created the perfect sophisticated small backpack right here to fit all those needs of yours and more!

Mini Backpack Designer

Mayko's Mini Backpack is a designer 100% leather bag made of the most superior quality. It's the perfect choice for you, your loved ones, or anyone who wants to add a little simplistic trendiness to their everyday wear that's still practical and fashionable.

The beauty of our smaller backpacks is the variety of different colors we offer to match your personal sense of style. You might find most leather shops tend to stick strictly to black leather and tan leather, but we branch out.

Just because you're buying leather doesn't mean you can't have some choice in your color! With five color options, you're sure to find the perfect bag for you or your loved ones!

Whether you prefer the classics like tan and black or you want something a little different like grey, stone, or our personal favorite- pink, you'll be sure to choose a backpack that highlights your style and keeps things classy!

For added personalization to those you may want to gift this backpack to, choose our monogram option to add that extra touch of thoughtfulness and love into an already "made-with-love" handbag.

Plus, be comforted that our small backpacks were designed with safety in mind. 

Unlike other backpacks with unobstructed zippers that someone behind you can easily open without you noticing, our packs have a zipper (to keep everything safe inside) and are also covered by a leather flap making it much harder for someone to snatch your valuables.

We told you, style and practicality at its finest!

In Summary

Small backpacks are no longer a thing of the past. Instead, they are an escalated way to up your fashion game by adding this sophisticated and in-vogue accessory to your entire look.

Small backpacks don't take away from your style but add to it, and MAYKO's Mini Backpack does just that.

With multiple color choices, a conveniently placed internal pocket, and a spacious inside, you're guaranteed to love using this every day and on all your travel and exploring adventures. It's just large enough to carry everything you need but small enough not to feel overly bulky and keep yourselves hands-free when you need it most.

Don't shy away from purchasing this small backpack for your loved ones in this gift-giving season, either. No matter what age, this is sure to be a high-fashion, high-quality gift they will love and use on a daily basis.

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