Personalize Our Handmade Leather Wallets For The Perfect Gift

November 29, 2021 6 min read

Personalize Our Handmade Leather Wallets For The Perfect Gift

It's that time of year again. The air is crisp, the leaves are changing colors, and you're in a race against time to find just the perfect gift for your loved ones! And if you are looking for something special without breaking the bank, well...we know it can be a bit frustrating, ugh! Don't worry- we've got you covered with our handmade leather wallets! 

These sleek little leather goods will be sure to make anyone feel extra special when they unwrap their presents. 

Why are we so confident they'll make you look like a superstar gifter? 

For starters, most people don't splurge on practical items even when they desperately need one. Therefore, when the gifter purchases a usable item that's also beautiful and goes the extra mile by monogramming the recipient's initials, that's pretty special. Hint, hint!

Plus, your loved ones will think of you every time they grab their wallet- which is pretty often! 

Of course, there are no rules against spoiling yourself with a new wallet. So, you may want to purchase more than one.

Handmade leather wallets from Mayko Bags

How Do I Choose A Handmade Leather Wallet?

When choosing a handmade leather wallet, look for these three things: the quality, stitching, and pockets. Cheap wallets typically have unraveled seams, squeaky zippers, and flimsy fabric lining. When comparing the prices of wallets, keep in mind that many inexpensive ones don't even last one year before falling apart, and nobody wants that!

Quick Tip: The easiest way to test the quality is by pressing each corner with your fingertips. If there's any give/bounce in the construction is a sign the quality is not there.

What Makes A High-Quality Wallet?

First, it's essential to buy one made out of genuine leather, as this will ensure that it is sturdy, durable, and definitely worth your money. 

Leather Quality:

The higher the quality of leather used to make the wallet, the more durable it will be. 

Genuine leather will be thicker than faux or imitation leathers, which are thinner and more lightweight due to the use of artificial materials like polyurethane. Natural leather is also both stronger and softer in comparison to its synthetic counterparts. 

One way to determine the difference between real vs. fake is to drag your fingernail along it (leather has drag). Grain-less plastic combined with rubber and polyester allows manufacturers to create whatever texture they want for any surface they want at a super cheap price. However, you won't be able to feel grains.  

Leather Stitching:

Good stitching should include both "single needle" and "double-needle." If there isn't any stitching around the edge, it will signify that materials were just glued together, and it may fall apart in time. 

Leather Pockets:

Finally, your wallet should have enough compartments or pockets for everything you need to place in your wallet, like credit cards, cash (or different currencies), identification cards, etc. 

We took special efforts to pay attention to all the above factors when handcrafting our leather wallet collection. They are not only practical but stylish as well since we aim for a timeless design.

And by adding a special touch with our custom monogramming, it makes for the perfect gift. Personalized wallets are thoughtful presents that your best friend, mom, or even yourself will love!


Of course, our loyal customers have come to recognize Mayko's high quality. Therefore, you can always be confident that it will last the wear and tear. 

With that being said, our envelope wallet is handcrafted and is made of 100% genuine, high-quality Italian leather. This wallet is a classic and is perfect for storing your cash and credit cards. It has a flap-over closure, so it is ideal for those of you who tend to lose things! 

Tuck it under your arm at night, and you'll never lose sight of it. This is the perfect size for just about everything without being bulky! There's no denying that leather is, and always will be, a classic staple in any fashion-forward wardrobe.  

Style Tip: Using your wallet as a clutch bag will keep you looking fashion-forward when running errands around town. Pair your leather wallet with a casual outfit. We love styling our wallets with blue jeans and a simple white tee shirt!

Sometimes the most stylish wallets are the simplest. Our classic envelope is perfect for just that! You can carry this wallet in any fashion or function, and it will always look stylish. This is the perfect everyday wallet, and we're sure you will love it as much as we do! 

With proper care, your leather wallet will get better with age! We're not just talking about physical wear, either. Your leather wallet will also get softer, easier to use, and more beautiful over time. 

How Many Years Should A Handmade Leather Wallet Last?

A well-made leather wallet can last for decades if properly cared for. A good rule of thumb is to keep the inside as clean as possible by using a damp cloth or micropore tape to remove gummed-up dirt from glossy surfaces. 

A leather conditioner will help remove wrinkles and give your wallet a more supple feel. Finally, taking precautions against water damage and staining materials by not carrying loose items in your purse is always a good reminder.  

Our MAYKO printed wallet, bi-fold design with magnetic snap closure, is perfect if you are looking for stylish wallets that will last season after season. It is made of 100% genuine leather and embroidered with a floral pattern on both sides. This wallet is also lined in silk printed soft leather and contains one small coin compartment! 

This classic women's wallet has plenty of space for money, cards, coins, checks, plus more, so you can carry all necessities on hand without worrying about bulky purses getting in between everything else life throws at us.

Our lovely lightweight, small purse is available in various colors. Each wallet has a different matching lining that brings some joy and completes your stylish casual look, bringing the perfect amount of style to any outfit! 

Style Tip: Pair your new wallet with a chic outfit. Try styling your wallet with a casual dress and simple jacket! 

If you have a business meeting or wedding, pair it with a suit and heels. If you're going to the beach or running errands, add some sandals and shorts. Showcase your personality through your fashion choices. Every woman needs the appropriate accessories to make her look from day to night and back again. A simple small change like switching out your wallet can do the trick!

Matching your wallet with your outfit is one of the easiest ways to take a look, from a simple casual day or night look to a fashion-forward statement. The right wallet will complete an outfit so you can feel confident at any event. 

The attention to detail in each of our handmade leather wallets is created with fashionistas in mind, making your new purchase a stylish accessory that you won't regret!


Black leather wallet

How Do You Make A Homemade Leather Wallet?

Homemade leather wallets are challenging to make. It takes ascertaining high-quality materials, knowledge of how to use the tools needed to work with leather, a design, stitching talents, etc. 

Handmade and homemade are two very different things. A homemade wallet takes a lot of time and effort. Likely, if you try it yourself with no prior experience working with leather, your wallet won’t be something you’d love to use. 

Handmade products, however, give those beautiful, unique properties that a homemade wallet would have, but with the expertise and attention to detail you need in a fine leather product.

So, should you try to make a homemade wallet? We say, leave it to the professionals! You’ll enjoy a much happier result with a MAYKO handmade wallet. 



Leather is indeed a durable and long-lasting material. Not only does this type of handmade leather wallet look great, but it also provides you with the perfect amount for storage needs!

Fantastic news: your stylish new Genuine Leather Wallet will be there as an investment in style and comfort over time - so go ahead and treat yourself today!

We are confident you will find what you are looking for at MAYKO. Your style extends to even the most minor details, yes, your wallet. With so many different styles and colors to choose from, you are bound to make any outfit pop with a unique wallet.  

We take pride in our handmade leather goods and look forward to helping you find the best handmade leather wallets for your needs. Choose a high-quality wallet that will last through the wear and tear of everyday use. Ooh and don't forget to take advantage of our monogramming options! It's always all about the custom details that make things a lot more special.

A personalized wallet is a perfect gift for any occasion. A personalization of your design makes it that much more special and memorable! So what are you waiting on? Get one now before they're all gone this holiday season!

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