5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Italian Leather

May 31, 2022 5 min read

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Italian Leather

Briefcases, bags, wallets, shoes, jackets, and the like often boast about their use of fine Italian leather to make these desired items. But what makes leather from Italy so special?

The world of fashion is a changing one. What's popular one day can be out the next, but there are a few things that have always been in high demand: quality and luxury. And when it comes to both, nothing quite compares to leather from Italy.

We'll get more into the fine details of this leather, and considering our bags here at MAYKO are made from Italian leather, we'll also discuss five reasons why it is worth the investment!

Every time you contemplate that beautiful handmade handbag you've been seeing (maybe the stunning Shiri tote or our convertible backpack), you'll have the confidence to make that purchase knowing you are getting the absolute BEST!

But first, let's cover the basics.


Italian Leather

Is Italian Leather Real Leather?

To put it simply, yes. Italian leather is 100% real leather. In fact, this leather is one of the highest quality leathers worldwide.

But, it's good to note that all leather used in high-end fashion is real leather. However, the quality and tanning process of this leather can significantly differ from one another, which is what sets leather from Italy apart from the rest.

Leather made in Italy is known for its high quality, durability, and luxury status. The difference in quality is due to the tanning process that the leather undergoes, which we'll get into detail on that in a second.

But first, how can you tell if you're getting the "real deal?"

How Can You Tell Real Italian Leather?

Real leather has its own unique pattern. Because of being a natural material, there will always be a less consistent texture. Genuine leather can have different textures within the same leather piece, including coarse and smooth. If any leather has a very slick plastic-y feel or is excessively smooth, we'd bet it probably is fake leather. 

Plus, leather from Italy will have a distinct smell!

Did we just say smell? Yes, we did.

But don't worry, it's not a bad smell. In fact, many people say it smells earthy, woodsy, or similar to that new car scent. This is caused by the tanning process that the leather undergoes.

If the leather you're inspecting doesn't have any smell whatsoever, or if it has a very chemically enhanced smell, chances are it's not genuine leather from Italy. Rest assured, you will never get that chemical smell with our MAYKO bags because of our use of 100% genuine Italian leather.

Of all the leathers from around the world, why does leather from Italy seem to be so much more expensive than others?

Why Is Italian Leather More Expensive?

Italians have mastered the art of working with and creating one of the highest-quality leathers available.

As stated before, the quality of the leather is due to the tanning process. Leather tanning is a method of preserving the hide so that it doesn't rot. In Italy, leather is known for its vegetable tanning method, while other countries use chrome tanning.

Vegetable tanning takes weeks, while chrome tanning takes only a few days. Choosing vegetable tanning makes the leather much softer and more pliable from undergoing a longer tanning process. Plus, the leather is much more cared for when tanning the fibers by using a more natural way.

Nevertheless, the extra time and harder, longer work pays off with a far superior quality of leather, leading to, ultimately, a higher cost.

Italian leather is in a league of its own when it comes to quality. Italians have been perfecting the art of leatherworking for centuries, and it shows in the gorgeous, long-lasting products they create.

From the traditional vegetable tanning process to the uniquely Italian smell, many qualities make this leather stand out from the rest.

Since Italians have been using this method of leather creation for hundreds of years, leather has undoubtedly become a cultural staple. It has superiorly dominated the industry with its impeccable quality.

Clearly, this type of leather is expensive for a good reason! The quality is unmatched, ensuring no shortcuts are taken to leave a final product envied by many.

Five Reasons To Invest In Italian Leather

Italian Leather

Now that you know why leather from Italy is so desired and understand the logical reasoning behind its higher expense, here are five reasons to keep in mind next time you're contemplating investing in that new designer handbag.


The Quality

    There's a reason why so many high-end designers use leather from Italy to make their products. The quality of the leather is simply unmatched. This specific leather is made to last, meaning you'll enjoy your new designer handbag for years to come without having to worry about them falling apart.


    The Look

      Not only is it of the highest quality, but it also has a unique look that other types of leather simply can't replicate. The natural markings and inconsistencies in the leather give each piece a one-of-a-kind look that you'll be sure to love.


      The Smell

      As we mentioned before, this leather has a distinct smell that many people find pleasant and earthy. This is caused by the tanning process that the leather undergoes and is a surefire way to tell if the leather is authentically Italian.


      The Versatility

      Leather from Italy is incredibly versatile and can be used to make various products. Using this leather for our handbags at MAYKO allows us to make softer tote bags and more sturdy backpacks and laptop bags! This leather tops the charts with durability, so no matter what is created with it, it will withstand time and use. From clothing to handbags to furniture, there's really no limit to what this leather can be used for. 


      The Support

      Buying genuine leather from Italy supports the quality processes that take place. While other countries and companies may utilize chrome tanning or take shortcuts in different ways, investing in this leather supports the best processes leather making can have! Additionally, since vegetable tanning is done by hand, investing in leather from Italy supports the jobs of many crafted artisans.

      Needless to say, investing in leather from Italy is a wise choice on so many levels! So, where can you find a bag made of genuine leather from Italy?


      Italian Leather Bags

      MAYKO has beautiful genuine Italian leather bags! Whether you're looking for practicality like our women's leather backpack or crossbody laptop bags for travel, or you are looking for a more dual-function bag like our highly sought-after 3-in-1 convertible purse bag and convertible leather book bag, MAYKO has you covered!

      Those bags are some of our highest sellers and most practical bags. What if you're searching for a more fashionable clutch? Our navy women wristlet is sure to suit your style.

      No matter what your style is, MAYKO has purses of all sizes and shapes in the finest quality to meet your fancy.

      In Summary

      Genuine Italian leather is highly sought after in the fashion industry- and for a good reason! Using the vegetable tanning process ensures leather with the most aromatic smell and soft and durable leather.

      The entire craftsmanship Italians take to produce their leather is truly unprecedented, and you're guaranteed a high-class product with every piece of leather they create.

      Purchasing a leather handbag made with leather from Italy is the best investment you can make because of the quality, durability, look, versatility, smell, and support you ultimately give by your purchase.

      Don't miss out on this opportunity! Invest in an Italian leather handmade handbag today with a brand new MAYKO bag; you'll never turn back once you do.

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