How Soft Leather Crossbody Bags Can Improve Your Style

June 20, 2022 5 min read

How Soft Leather Crossbody Bags Can Improve Your Style

Soft Leather Crossbody Bags have been around for centuries and were used by many people for many different uses! Original crossbody bags were made of various materials, but as the fashion industry took hold of these now highly wanted bags, they began to be created with more refined, luxurious materials like leather.

But what makes them so special? What sets them apart from all the other purses on the market? And why should you consider buying one for yourself?

We'll explain all of that and show you how adding one of these crossbody bags can entirely revamp your style.

First things first, if these bags have a history dating hundreds of years, are they still a popular trend today?


Are Crossbody Bags Still Popular?

Absolutely! Crossbody bags are still very popular today. In fact, they've been increasing in popularity over the past few years as more and more people are looking for a comfortable and stylish bag to carry with them.

There are a few reasons for this increase in popularity. Consider these reasons.

More and more people are looking for more comfort when carrying a purse. Sometimes shoulder bags can slip off the shoulder, which is occasionally a minor annoyance for purse users. For this reason, some choose to wear a crossbody instead.

Another reason for the popularity is that people are looking for bags they can wear hands-free. We're all busy people, and sometimes we just don't have the time or the ability to carry a purse and still be able to use our hands. Crossbody bags make this possible and let's be honest, they also make "check-out" a little less of a hassle.

Crossbody bags are also popular because they tend to be more secure than other types of purses. They're less likely to fall off or be forgotten somewhere. When you wear a crossbody bag, it's more likely to stay close to your body, making it more difficult for someone to snatch it and run.

Is A Shoulder Bag Or Crossbody Better?

Neither a shoulder bag nor a crossbody bag is better than the other; it depends on personal preference.

Here are some excellent guidelines to help you decide which bag is right for you:

Do you need to carry a lot with you? If you tend to take many things with you when you leave the house, then a crossbody bag may not be the right choice for you. Shoulder bags can usually hold more than crossbody bags.

You may also want to purchase a shoulder bag if you're going to be wearing it for a more formal occasion. Crossbody bags tend to be more casual and dressy casual, while shoulder bags can be dressed up a bit more easily.

Do you need your hands free more often? A crossbody bag is a better choice if you need your hands free. Crossbody bags are also better if you're going to be doing a lot of walking or moving around, as they'll stay closer to your body.

Do you need a more secure bag? If you're looking for a bag less likely to be forgotten or stolen, then a crossbody bag is probably a better option.

What Is A Good Cross-Body Bag?

MAYKO has fantastic options for a soft leather crossbody bag, including this leather messenger bag for women and womens crossbody bag.

Our women's crossbody bag is a gorgeous handmade piece made of genuine Italian leather with an exquisite inner lining, large compartment, zipper pocket, and magnetic closures for easy opens and closings.

This bag also takes style to the next level with a beautiful decorative ring and leather tassel as an eye-catching design!

If you're looking for a crossbody of a smaller size, our best small messenger bag is the one for you. It has a simple, minimalistic design to complement many outfit choices. Despite its smaller size, it still provides plenty of room to fit all the essentials you could need to carry and more!


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Leather Messenger Bag For Women

The leather messenger bag for women is a larger option ideal for carrying around a laptop or books/binders for school, travel, work meetings, studying, or remote work. If you need to carry around more necessities while exploring new cities, or if you are a mom or caregiver, this oversized crossbody would be your perfect match.

MAYKO's wide variety of soft leather crossbody bags covers all the wants and needs you could have with a crossbody purse ranging from bold red colors to classic camel tones and blacks. Don't forget if you're looking for a slightly different texture, our suede crossbody is another gorgeous option.

Improving Your Style 

The beauty of soft leather crossbody bags is that they pair well with an abundance of looks and styles!

Use your crossbody with a flowy sundress for a day out exploring or running errands. Are you heading to a more formal event? Pair your crossbody with slacks, a blazer, and some heels for a look that will turn heads.

Take your classic jeans and button-down white top to the next eye-popping level with our hobo crossbody bag in a brighter color!

Worried about what color to choose? Have no fear! Look at our crossbody leather bucket bag in red for a statement piece! Crossbody bags come in a range of colors.

Handmade Leather Handbags

Handmade leather handbags are unique because no two are alike. Unlike mass-produced handbags, skilled artisans make each handmade leather handbag with care. This means that each bag has its own individual character and charm.

Handmade leather handbags are also built to last. When you invest in a handcrafted leather handbag, you can be sure that it will last you for many years. With proper care, a handmade leather handbag can last a lifetime.

So, what makes a handmade leather handbag so special? Some of the things that make these bags so notable are the use of quality materials and superb craftsmanship.

Skilled artisans, like MAYKO's founder, Maya, take the time to select the best possible leather for each bag. They also pay close attention to detail, ensuring that each bag is made with the utmost care.

As a result, handmade leather handbags are extremely durable and built to last. When you invest in one of these bags, you can be sure it will stand the test of time.

In Summary

Leather crossbody bags were popular centuries ago for holding coins, tools for tradesmen, mail for postal workers, and goods for soldiers. Things shifted when there was more of a need for luxurious women traveling by train.

Crossbody bags have riveted the fashion world with purses of all shapes, sizes, and colors.

They make impactful fashion statement pieces as they can complement casual outfits to day dresses, flowy skirts, and pantsuits. A high-quality crossbody bag is worth purchasing for your fashion arsenal!

MAYKO has designed multiple types of soft leather crossbody bags, from small to large, to fit everyone's needs. These crossbody bags are not mass-produced but handcrafted, ensuring quality in the tiniest details and uniqueness to each bag.

Our crossbody bucket bag is a popular choice, as well as our large messenger crossbody bags for women.

Now, if you want options, our 3-in-1 convertible cross body tote bag is the most versatile if you're looking for a leather bag that can convert from a crossbody to a tote and then to a clutch.

Don't wait any longer! Stop dreaming about doing your daily activities with a beautiful new soft leather crossbody bag, and add one to your cart! You'll be so excited once you hold it in your hands, and we're confident you'll be hooked once you start using one!

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