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MAYKO is proud to announce that it has completed a decade of operation! And we want to pause for a moment to appreciate what we have. This is a significant moment of doing and creating that continues the chain of events that brought us here.

This time, we are pleased to introduce you to Tally Michaeli, an Israeli representative.

Taliy struggled to pick just one pivotal event from this decade. "My lovely nephew and niece born over the decade, the loss of my beloved dog four years ago, and my sister's dog I had as my first nephew a year ago, and of course the fact that I turned forty this year" she says honestly.

Ms. Michaeli feels that everything in life changes them to some level, and that events have formed who she is today, even if she is still shaping. "Mostly, they evoked emotions in me that I had never experienced before," she explains. Being an aunt requires a distinct kind of love, loyalty, and willingness to give. It's getting to know someone from the beginning, hours after he was born, and having the opportunity to shape him. The death of an animal differs from the loss of a human being in painful ways, and it continues to strike at the most unexpected times. And transferring prefixes is strange when you still feel like a 14-year-old inside yet are expected to be the responsible adult, interact with customer service, and pay rent on time."

And how does it effect her life? She learned to put herself first, believing that if she took care of herself, it would be easier to take care of others.

The COVID-19 period threw a mental switch in her. "When the entire world shut down, there was no choice but to shift to local consumerism, and it is now a supreme value in my eyes to support local businesses, particularly those led by women." I've really grown into a local Glam Team over the last couple years. Sharon Ravi takes care of my hair with her "Daphne" brush, which is nothing short of miraculous. Every day, my "Zikger" and "Moma" clothing make me joyful. And, of course, the "Mayko" bags, which we will discuss further."

Michaeli, like her grandmother and mother, is a strong fan of leather bags. She believes it is in her blood. Although she owns a variety of brown leather shoulder bags, her favorite MAYKO bag is a pink backpack. "I tried to deny it until recently, but there is no escape - I am pink in my soul, and there is no escaping it." I call myself Pink Lady, after the girls from "Grease" (how can I obtain their jacket?)

I don't like backpacks because they make me feel like I'm not in control of my belongings (yeah, I'm a bit of a control freak), but I couldn't resist the pink backpack when I saw it on the website, so it became my weekend bag. He is already a faithful friend on Fridays when I embark on my regular tour of the Dizengoff Center." 

Tally asked us a few months ago if we could make one of our handmade handbags in pink leather. We had one pink bag in the studio from a sampler that never made it into production, so we asked if she would be interested in that, and there was a new match! "I think I fell in love with him before I even saw him." I was mostly attracted by the fact that no one else will be like him (I know, that's as superficial as it gets). Within the assembly line culture, of which we have all unhappily become a part, I attempt to avoid trends and maintain a semblance of originality where feasible. There's nothing like receiving a goods and exclaiming, "Yay! He's just what I was hoping for!" And yes, I do find myself sitting on the bus, stroking my pink purse, thinking to myself, "It's fun, it's mine, and I'm his."

When we asked Michaeli for advise for our readers, she mentioned a chat she had with Maya about the issue that pink leather is more susceptible to filth. "This chat struck a chord with me two weeks ago when I met Ali, a delightful seamstress in the lanes of the Jaffa flea market, whom I knew through Maya. Leather, according to Ali, is a living matter that "drinks" everything in its path. Fabrics with bright colors that come into contact with the bag are also prohibited. It's unavoidable; there's nothing you can do about it. And if you can't control it, there's no point in resisting it. That's the message I'm attempting to convey, as well as the advise I'm giving to the rest of the readers. Ultimately, whether we admit it or not, most of us are Control Freaks on some level. But we must keep in mind that we do not have complete control over everything. You have to let things happen on their own sometimes. I've always detested the word perfect, and now that it's ingrained in language, I dislike it even more because there is no such thing as perfect, and aspiring to it is strictly forbidden. We're perfect because of our flaws. God knows I still have work to do, but as far as my luggage go, I'm practically there. Maybe”.

We appreciate Tally's honesty and fascinating point of view in this interview. We were delighted to meet her!
See you in the future post.

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