My Message To You For 2024

January 03, 2024 2 min read

My Message To You For 2024

One of my dear customers named Steven
asked me to add to his order a dedication from me,
from Israel, to be engraved in Hebrew.

I could understand his attachment
to the Jewish people, to Israel
I know this movement.

I also had a customer in the past
who asked me to add a stone from
Israel to her order.
I remember plowing the streets of Tel Aviv
And I didn't find even one stone!!

When I went to live in Europe
after leaving my parents' house,
I encountered different reactions
from people who discovered that
I was from Israel.

Some of them brightened their face
as if they saw me as a saint,

Some of them were shocked; my smile didn't
go well for them with the opinion they
had about Israel.

And some of them didn't understand
how a girl like them came from Israel.
In their opinion, Israelis dressed as
rabbi Moses and rode camels.

The more I dare to get closer to myself
Under all the hats that I represent as

A Jewish woman from Israel






A designer with a brand

I understand how much energies
I invested in representing each of the hats

How I changed according to the hat
I was wearing at that moment

And how none of them are me,
But what I thought I was supposed to represent.

This year, I bless me and all of us
To invest our energies
By being us, for real!

To be the same person in all hats
to let us the permission to be ourselves,




Realize that it doesn't matter
where was I born or

What do I work at

What car do I drive

What am I wearing

What Religion Do I belong To, If any

To a Political Opinion

Vegetarian / Vegan / Carnivore

My skin color

Sexual preference

Man or Woman

Each one is special and unique
Who expresses himself in his unique way,
And all of us together create one whole

We Are All One.

The year 2024 In geometry, it is 8
which symbolizes Infinity.

We are part of one creation that
has no end of possibilities.

What do you choose to be this year?
All possibilities are open.

Fly high with your desire,

There is a whole universe behind you.

You are loved

Unconditional Love.


* In the picture engraved in Hebrew, WE ARE ALL ONE


we are all one

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