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Keychains Custom

Stop buying generic keychains! Rather, buy some Keychains Custom to match your brand new handmade MAYKO handbag!

It can be challenging to match the color of accessories exactly to the color of your handbags, but not with these tassel keychains!

Using the exact same leather colors we use to make our handbags and wallets, we've created our stylish fringe keychains so you wont skip a beat with your entire handbag look. If you prefer a neutral bag, but a pop of color for your accessories, choose our keychains in mustard, pink, or navy!

If you look anywhere else for a tassel keychain for your clutch or tote, you wont find one that matches the feel, look, or style as well as ours! Our keychains are custom to the envied MAYKO design, and make perfect personalized additions as a gift for others.

Here are a few other keychain gifting ideas:

new roommate moving in? Instead of just giving them their key, provide the key on this leather tassel keychain ring as a thoughtful welcome to your new home gift.

New employee that needs a direct key to the office? Gift them the key with this leather keychain so as to easily differentiate their work key from their home keys!

The gifting ideas are truly endless for these keychains custom to MAYKO!
Keychains Custom details: 

Length: 7.5'' / 19 cm

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