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What good is a designer handbag if you don't have keychains, designer style, to go with it?

Many designer handbags are often found with their own designer keychains to match whether they are placed on their handbag as decor or on the owners keys to keep everything matching- from the bag to wallet to keys.

So, really, what designer handbag company would we be if we didn't offer the same?!

Our leather keychains in the tassel design provides a whimsical, yet classy, feel to every bag. It's also a great option to make a bag a touch more casual.

For instance, your clutch that is perfect for a more dressed up evening out can easily be paired with jeans and a simple tee when you add this tassel keychain to the clutch. Showing off your designer keychain is the perfect addition to, let's say, an art walk with friends or your significant other!

Is a friend house-sitting your home while on vacation? Give them your set of keys with this gorgeous fringe keychain for a touch of style while they're using it! Plus, with such a high-quality keychain, it'll make it even more challenging for them to accidentally lose it if they know a designer keychain is attached to it! Win-win for you!
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Length: 7.5'' / 19 cm

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