What's Your Handbag Personality?

July 17, 2017 3 min read

What's Your Handbag Personality?

What's Your Handbag Personality? 

1. The ‘I Love Stuff’ Girl

“I carry everything including the kitchen sink in my handbag kinda girl”.

Some items in my handbag would be:

  • Books
  • Laptop
  • Heavy Purse
  • Water bottle
  • Makeup
  • Hair stuff
  • Scarf
  • Whatever else that can fit

The Mayko Bags Solution

Option 1: ‘Ori’ The Crossbody Bag:

ori bag

Wear across the body, or over the shoulder.

Ori Bag


Option 2: Tote Backpack/Laptop Bag

Leather Backpack


These are great leather bags for school or college students, work/office, gym, laptops. They are functional and made to take pressure off your shoulders as opposed to the one shoulder handbags which can lead to bad posture and more serious problems later down the line.

2. The ‘Organized Girl’

“I know where all my bits and pieces are at all times and if they get lost, watch out!”

Some items in my bag would be:

  • Keys
  • Phone
  • Lipstick
  • Purse

The Mayko Bags Solution

Wristlet Clutch Bag

Leather Clutch

A great clutch on its own, or as a handbag organizer! 

Wristlet Clutch Insert


View full details at Wristlet Clutch & Bag Organizer

The clutch purses are perfect for keeping a separate compartment in bigger bags or using as a clutch. A great option if you have yourmakeup bag essentials in your clutch that you can keep in your handbag or just grab quickly and use on its own to step out for a latte!

We have put it inside our Fringe Bag - see pic above for an example.

The wristlet clutch has a double use with a stylish wrist attachment, giving you ‘hands-free’. What else does an ‘organized girl’ need?

3. The ‘Basic & Modest’ Girl

“I’m fairly simple, but I would love to have something a bit more ‘flash’ than my usual bag/self”!

The Mayko Bags Solution

The Fringe Bag

Fringe Bag

View full bag details at Fringe Bag 


The fringe handbag will make you feel stylish without the bling. You want to say ‘I’m cool and trendy even though I’m not sparkling with sequins and color’.  If you want a secret weapon to show your inner personality and keep your high standards of quality bags, this is the one.

Mayko Tip: Get the ‘Organized Girl’ clutch bag with this handbag if you want to keep your essentials in one place, this is a great addition.

4. The ‘Superwoman’ Bag AKA Mom Bag.

Just give me something that fits these diapers, won’t kill my back and I can get a bottle out faster than you can say my babies having a meltdown”

Some items in my bag would be:

  • Diapers
  • Baby cream
  • Bottles
  • Wipes
  • Baby stuff - toys, books, rattles
  • Keys, wallet, purse

The Mayko Bags Solution

The Messenger Backpack

Diaper Bag by Mayko Bags

So trendy it can be your day-to-day bag as well! 

Leather Baby Bag by Mayko Bags

View full bag details at Leather Backpack / Diaper Bag 

You want to be able to pick up 100 things at once, including your baby and have your arms free (at least one) for survival mode. The classic nappy bags are too big, bulky, too many compartments, not comfortable and way too heavy to carry on your arm. You want a supermom baby diaper bag that doesn't require you to have your pusher with you 24/7……

And this is why as a new mom myself, I created the: Messenger Backpack.

It’s affordable, comfortable, fits all your mommy essentials, EASY TO CLEAN...need we go on?

Great as a baby bag travel backpack, this is the new baby bag 2017.

Important Note: Moms, we also make a custom made version with rings to attached to your stroller. Or anything else you may need, we are here to help you create your ultimate diaper bag!

So, which are you? Leave us a comment and share with your friends! 

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