May 28, 2017

In today's video we want to introduce our newest backpack : The 'Laptop Backpack'. 


The short video describes the differences between the two bags, such as:
Original Tote BackpackThe backpack doubles as a Tote Bag, so you can wear it both ways/styles. The bag has had some changes, we have added the reinforced laptop pocket for extra device safety. The bag also now comes in black.
*Perfect for students, traveling, work trips.
Colors Available : Black and Brown (pic below - black)
New Laptop BackpackThis is a bigger version of the original Tote Backpack. 
We have specifically designed it for the use of holding your laptop and having a special hard back with laptop insert. It's larger which means you can fit more books, folders and whatever other items you need.  Many of the features such as the compartments, zip pockets and adjustable straps are the same as our original tote. There is no Tote option for this bag. 
*Perfect for students, traveling and those that need a lot of books and other heavy items. 
Colors Available: Brown 
For item details visit:
Maya xx