Models, Stylists & Fashion Shoot!

February 23, 2017 2 min read

Models, Stylists & Fashion Shoot!

Every season the Mayko team releases new collections, which means we need to do a shoot of the new items.


This week we had an amazing time on our fashion shoot - each time we choose a different location and come up with new ideas. So let us take you on a journey of what a day behind the scenes at a Mayko fashion shoot is really about….


The team :

Maya Ben Cohen : Owner & Designer

Shiran : Fashion Assistant

Shay : Photographer

Aviram : Stylist

Noy : Model


The day begins (with a lot of coffee of course) at the Mayko HQ’s where we prepare everything. That includes the models hair, makeup and clothing - and of course putting together the collection of bags for the shooting and creating a schedule.  As much as a day of shooting can be fun, it needs to be organised and thought out thoroughly for the best images.


Maykobags - woman leather bags - shooting day6


Next is going to our location. We chose a beautiful neighbourhood in Tel Aviv, Neve Tzedek. It’s a stunning neighborhood with quaint, narrow streets with boutiques.  Lots of artists, poets and designers live here. Neve Tzedek  means Oasis of Justice… it just might very well be.


The team opened a set in the street, and perhaps not the most glamorous of behind the scenes as our darling model had to change clothing in the middle of the street. (#modellife). Our model was amazing and she did an incredible job of presenting our bags in the perfect Mayko fashion as you can see below.


Maykobags - woman leather bags - shooting day 4


Maykobags - woman leather bags - shooting day7


There were some interesting parts to the day and it was full of laughs and craziness. We made new friends - mostly the owners of cafes that kindly let us take over their outside seating sections and we received waves and smiles of passers by, never a dull moment on the Mayko set!


Maykobags - woman leather bags - shooting day12


It’s important that for the best outcome everyone works as a team, but has their own roles.

Shay, the photographer is directing the model and handling which bags I should give him for each shot.

Aviram, the stylist (pic of us below) is in charge of changing the clothing style according to the bag and the locations and Shiran our wonderful assistant ensures nobody gets run over by cars and angry people as we somewhat take over the streets of Neve Tzedek. She did a great job (thank goodness).

Maykobags - woman leather bags - shooting day 3


There were definitely times where I found myself piled with bags, literally looking like a bag stand - but it’s all part of the day and the fun.

Overall the shooting took us four hours, it was fun, yet at the same time exhausting. I love my ‘job’ and the wonderful people that come on this journey with me. #designers life all the way...


Here are some of my fav pics from the day - enjoy...


       maykobags - brown leather tote bag - woan bag


maykobags - SHIRI bag - black leather bag - woman bag - soft leather bag - zipper bag


maykobags - gray leather tote - soft leather bag - woman bag -tami bag  


See you at the next shooting,

Oxox, Maya  


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