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What is a tote bag used for?

 MAYKO Leather Tote Bags

 A tote bag is one of the most practical accessories a woman can carry with her during the day.

It comes in different shapes, sizes and materials, but all tote bags have one simple principle, carry well all your belongings comfortably.

 Here at MAYKO it’s important to us to create for you simple and clean designed tote bags made out from high-grade, quality leather materials, durable and suitable for carrying, with great style.

 According to your requests in the past we created our leather tote bags from soft and lightweight leather to be more convenient and ease the burden on your shoulder.  All tote bags have one large spacious compartment and two handles, one from each side to hold the bag by.

 In order to get the perfect tote bag you want and will fit your exact needs, you can add extra options to some of our tote bags, like:

* An inside pocket

* A magnet or a zipper closer

* Crossbody strap

* A matching wristlet pouch

 (some of the options can be already included)

 What is a tote bag used forWhat is a tote bag used for

What is a tote bag used for?

These tote bags are very useful and practical, can be dressed up or down as a day bags or as an evening bags, depending on the event. Use your tote bag for several ways:

 Daily use -   Tote bags fit perfectly to run your errands with. Easy to carry with you and made from durable leather for daily use.

Book Bag - Tote bags can be great to carry your books on the way to class or library.

Work Bag - Most of our tote bags are great choice as an everyday office bag, large enough to carry your personal essentials you need for work. You can also use it as Laptop bag with great style.

Personalized Bag - Beside the style and color you choose for your tote bag to represent you. To add a personal touch to your tote bag, we offer you a personalized tag with your own initials emboss on your bag.

Evening Bag - Tote bags are fashionable as well as functional. and can complete you're going out outfit as well.

Travel Bag- Tote bags are perfect if you’re about to spent the weekend outside. It alouds you to pack the maximum amount of items for all your travel needs in only one bag.

Yoga/Gym Bag- Here at Mayko, we give with each order a cotton yoga bag as a gift from us.

You can use it as your gym bag to carry towel and a bottle of water when you're heading to your yoga class.

Grocery Bag -Use our yoga cotton bag (you’ll get as a gift with your MAYKO order!) to easily hold your purchases without compromising your style.