Leather tote bag with zipper

Which tote bag is the best for you?

When it comes to bags, a basic leather tote is like the little black dress of your bag wardrobe. Big leather tote handbags goes with anything and will get you through the day.

Who hasn't stood in front of a closet full of clothing and thought “I have nothing to wear!? You’re not alone, we all do! Small tip from MAYKO Team to solve it:

You can keep it casual with jeans & T shirt and invest in really good key pieces, like shoes, jewelry, handbags & totes. It helps balance proportions, and enhance even the basic colors of your clothes.

Another way to develop your own signature style is tying a colorful scarf to your leather tote bag you love to add some personal touch.

leather tote bag with zipper


Can a tote bag be stylish abd big enough?

Of course we know finding a tote bag, that is not only stylish but also big enough to carry all your belongings can be tough. Our top pick to recommend you is the leather tote bag with zipper we have, because this design for tote bag has it all: it’s handmade, made of 100% genuine leather, affordable, roomy, and well crafted. It is super stylish so you'll want to carry it both in and outside the office.

The leather tote bag with zipper to secure your belongings, also comes with great extra options you can add to fit your exact needs, like:

* An inside pocket

* A personalized embossed tag with your initials

* A matching wristlet pouch

What is a tote bag used for?

Tote bags are very useful and practical, can be dressed up or down as a day bags or as an evening bags, depending on the event. Buy tote handbags to run your errands with. Easy to carry with you, and made from durable leather for daily use. You can also find them large enough to carry your personal essentials you need for work, and be perfect , stylish option as Laptop bag.

Where can you buy tote bags?

Check our online shop and find out a wide variety of  tote bags and handbags,  leather tote bag with zipper, great oversized tote bags for women, convertible crossbody tote bag and many more

One last tip from MAYKO Team:

Use a tape measure. When you buy bags online it’s very important to check measurements pre order, This way you can guarantee a better shopping experience, it will definitely fit your laptop or iPad and all other essentials.

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