Why Is Waxed Canvas Better Than Canvas?

March 03, 2022 5 min read

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There are many reasons that waxed canvas is better than regular canvas. If we're jumping right into it, waxed canvas is much more water-resistant. This makes it perfect for use in inclement weather or activities like hiking or camping. Additionally, the wax coating helps to protect the fabric from staining and makes it much easier to clean.

And, if we're being truthful, we all need things that are easy to clean. Children, ketchup stains, make-up explosions, ink marks- I think you catch our drift.

The wax coating over the canvas helps prevent wear and tear, and the fabric itself is stronger and less likely to rip. Therefore, it has a higher level of durability than regular canvas.

Aside from durability and 'clean-ability,' this type of canvas also has a unique rustic look that can't be replicated by regular canvas. It's perfect for those individuals who enjoy a broken-in feel or vintage aesthetic.

So, clearly, a wax canvas is a top choice over regular canvas. But there are loads more questions to discuss to get the complete picture on wax canvas, like how long will it last? 

How Long Does Wax Canvas Last?

With proper care, wax canvas can last a very long time. It is often used for products that are meant to be passed down from one generation to the next, such as tents, backpacks, and other camping gear.

As we mentioned earlier, the wax coating on the fabric helps protect it from water and weather damage, and it also makes the fabric more resistant to staining. However, in order to keep the material looking its best for as long as possible, it's essential to clean it properly and store it properly when it's not in use.

The life expectancy of wax canvas generally depends on how it is used and cared for. If it is used infrequently and stored in a dry place, it could last for 10 to 20 years. However, if it is used frequently and/or stored in a damp place, the life expectancy will be reduced to 5 to 10 years.

It still sounds like a good investment to us! 

Is Waxed Canvas Vegan?

There is a little debate about this, as the process of waxing canvas involves using a non-vegan product (beeswax). However, some vegan-friendly waxes are available, so it ultimately depends on which type of wax is used. 

What Are Benefits Of Handbags That Are Made From Wax Canvas?

The benefits of a waxed canvas handbag include its ability to be incredibly durable and withstand a lot of wear and tear. They are water-resistant, which is perfect for those who live in rainy climates or like to go on outdoor adventures, and they have a unique look and texture that is unlike any other type of fabric. 

Plus, they only get better with age, so you can be sure your handbag will last you for years to come. It sounds like money savings to us!

For our formidable travelers, bags made of this material are great for traveling since they can be folded or rolled into your suitcase without having to worry if the handbag will be damaged.

We'd bet that waxed canvas bags are sounding pretty appealing to you right about now!


Will A Wax Canvas Bag Soften Over Time?

Yes, a wax canvas bag will soften over time as the wax coating breaks down and the fabric absorbs more and more moisture. This is a desirable characteristic of wax canvas because it becomes more pliable and less prone to cracking with age.

The rate at which a wax canvas bag softens over time depends on several factors, including the quality of the fabric, the amount of wax in the coating, and how often it's used and exposed to moisture. A well-made wax canvas bag that's used regularly should start to show signs of softening within a few months.

Will Waxing Canvas Make It Waterproof?

No, waxing canvas will make it water-resistant, but it will not make it waterproof.

The wax applied to the canvas will create a barrier on the fabric's surface that will help to repel water. However, if the material is submerged in water for an extended period of time, the fabric will become saturated. For this reason, waxing canvas is not typically used for making items that need to be waterproof.

Now, since we discussed that we all need to clean up our bags every so often, how do we clean them?

How to clean a waxed canvas bag

How To Clean Waxed Canvas?

There are a few ways to clean wax canvas. One way is to use a wet cloth and mild soap. Wet the cloth and add enough hand soap until it forms suds. Gently scrub the material with the soapy cloth, then rinse with cool water and air dry. 

As we stated, canvas with this waxy coating is not waterproof, so a full submersion into water to rinse could be more harmful than helpful. We suggest taking another rag with cool water and wiping it as a "rinse." You might have to wipe a couple of times with the rag to ensure all the soap is rinsed away.  

Another way to clean this type of canvas is to use a mixture of vinegar and water. Mix one part vinegar with four parts of water in a spray bottle, then lightly spritz the wax canvas and scrub with a wet cloth. 'Rinse' with cool water.

Waxed Canvas vs Leather

Waxed Canvas vs Leather

Waxed canvas is a natural, water-resistant fabric that can be used to make various items, including bags, backpacks, and purses. It's made by saturating cotton or linen with a wax that's been mixed with mineral oil.

Leather is an animal skin that's been tanned and then treated with various finishes to make it more durable and water-resistant. It can be used for making shoes, handbags, wallets, and other items.

Both materials have their pros and cons. Leather is more expensive than waxed canvas, but it lasts longer; waxed canvas is less expensive than leather, but it needs to be re-waxed from time to time.

Thankfully, we don't discriminate here at MAYKO, and we are happy to be providing a new line of wax canvas bags so that you can have the best of both the leather and canvas worlds! 


Waxed canvas is a cotton fabric that has been treated with a layer of wax. The wax makes the fabric water-resistant and allows it to be stretched further than regular canvas. This makes wax canvas ideal for outdoor use, as it can withstand harsh weather conditions and is less likely to tear or rip. Wax canvas also has a softer feel than regular canvas, making it more comfortable to wear.

The wax protects the fabric from UV rays and dirt, making it a better option for long-term and outdoor use.

Lastly, people enjoy the look of a wax canvas bag because it's stylish. Canvas has been a popular material for bags and other items for many years because it's durable and strong, making it ideal for everyday use. Additionally, the wax treatment gives the fabric a unique finish that sets it apart from other materials or fabrics, making it a popular choice for those looking for something different. 

If you're looking to jump on the waxed canvas bandwagon, you won't have to go far; check out our new canvas line here! 

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