Top 3 Bags For New Moms

April 26, 2017 3 min read

Top 3 Bags For New Moms

Since Maya, the founder and designer of Mayko bags has recently become a Mom - we decided that our first blog post will be about the top 3 bags for Moms.

Sometimes a nappy bag just doesn’t cut it, I mean they are massive with 1000 compartments and although good on some occasions - heck if we will give up on fashion pieces 24/7.

Keeping that in mind, we know that being a Mom means, well lots of crap in the bag and having to hold/carry/lift multiple items (babies) at once. The bag needs to be practical, light and baby proof.

God only gave us two hands, so being able to have these free for things other than a handbag is probably a good idea.

These bags all give you hands free options :


​1. The 'MiniShiri Bag'

: Mini Shiri.
Wearing Options : Across the body + shoulder handbag
Why? Heading out for a big day out AKA anywhere outside the house and out of your PJ’s?
You may have your big bulky baby bag with you but you still want to keep your style, I mean - who doesn’t want to still feel a bit chic and stylish?
Throw that baby bag in the pusher and pop this beauty over your shoulder.  


  • Can be worn across the body - hands free
  • Light
  • Zipper closure
  • Compartment for keys and wallet
  • Looks great in the day or evening
  • Fast and easy to clean - yes, milk and baby food will wipe off


 2. The 'Backpack Tote'

Name: Backpack Tote 

Wearing Options: Back + Hand

Why? Yes, you heard right. This is a backpack that converts into a tote. Some would say dreams have been answered ;).

This means you can wear it as a tote, fill up your bag with shopping and when it’s too heavy just throw it on your back.  

It will also fit your laptop (we also have it in larger version), so if you need to head to the local cafe to work whilst the cheeky one has a nap - not a problem.


  • Backpack straps
  • Tote straps
  • Laptop insert
  • Outside zipper pocket
  • Inside open phone pocket
  • Inside purse pocket with zip
  • Closed with a metal zipper


Want to know more about this bag? Visit The Backpack Tote


3. The 'Triple Traveller'                  


 Name : Triple Leather Bag 

Wearing Options: Across the body + Shoulder + Hip + Clutch 

Why? Look no further, this is the attachment that you will not be able to live without.


Not only does it fit oh so nicely into your baby bag so you don’t have to feel like Mary Poppins when you’re trying to find your keys, wallet, phone, lippy - it basically turns into the best organizer possible.


You have three compartments. Each one detaches - the possibilities here are endless. You need to check this one out for yourself.



  • Comfortable and Light
  • Removable & adjustable leather strap
  • Detachable pouches - You choose to go with only 1, 2 or 3 of them.
  • Can be use as a crossbody bag, as a shoulder bag, as a hip pouch
    or just clutch it.
  • Strong & Resistant zipper
  • Easy to Clean

Want to know more about this bag?Visit The Triple Leather Bag

Thanks for reading and leave us a comment below to give us your favorite mommy bag choice.

Remember happy girls are the prettiest,


The Mayko Team


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