5 Things You Need In A Diaper Bag Backpack

August 19, 2022 5 min read

5 Things You Need In A Diaper Bag Backpack

diaper bag backpack is the hottest mom necessity on the block right now. While some moms opt for traditional diaper tote bags, backpacks are becoming a popular trend due to their outstanding functionality and practicality.

Yet, for those mamas, MAYKO has a perfect blend diaper bag to give the option of a diaper bag OR tote! We'll get to that excitement in a few. But first, let's consider the benefits of a backpack and what makes a great diaper bag.

Can You Use A Diaper Bag As A Backpack?

Yes! You can certainly use a diaper bag as a backpack. Actually, we SUGGEST it. Here's why:

A diaper bag backpack has the space to carry everything you need in one bag to make your life as a mom much simpler. A backpack also allows you to have your hands free which is essential when you have a little one.

Additionally, having a backpack will help to even out the weight distribution on your body. This is so important because, as any parent knows, your back and shoulders can start to ache from carrying your child around all day. Tack on a shoulder bag that adds weight and pressure to only one side, and you'll be crying out for a lot of massages afterward!

A backpack also gives you easier access to everything you need. No more rummaging through a giant tote bag trying to find a diaper or a pacifier. Everything is within arms reach and in multiple compartments allowing for a lot of organization.

What Is The Most Practical Diaper Bag? 

The most practical diaper bag has different compartments for organization and a decent amount of storage space to fit everything you need while accessing anything at the drop of a dime.

When you are looking for the perfect backpack diaper bag, here are five helpful tips to keep in mind:

  1. Ample Storage Space: You want to ensure that your diaper bag backpack has enough storage space for everything you need, including diapers, wipes, extra clothes, burp cloths, toys, blankets, etc.

  1. Multiple Compartments: This will allow you to organize your diaper bag and know exactly where everything is when needed. Preferably having compartments inside the bag and outside the bag as well.

  1. Easy Access: You want to be able to quickly grab anything you need without having to dig through your bag. This is especially important when you have a diaper blowout or a hungry baby. So, we want to avoid bags with many buttons, excessive straps that can get in the way, or even bag closures that need two hands to open.

If you're a mama, you know what we mean- one hand on baby, one hand in our bag!

  1. Comfortable To Wear: As mentioned before, you will carry this backpack around A LOT. Make sure it is comfortable to wear by having straps that distribute the weight evenly.

  1. Made Of Quality Materials: You want your diaper bag backpack to last, especially if you'll be using it for multiple children. Something made of quality materials such as waxed canvas or leather will not only age well but will also withstand wear and tear.

Here’s a side note, too, when it comes to the material: Factor in easy cleaning. You may get a few spilled bottles or wet items going inside, and you'll want a bag that can withstand a few mishaps like those.

Best Diaper Bag Backpack

The best diaper bag that is also a backpack has to be MAYKO's newest diaper bag backpack. Let's see if it meets the qualifications mentioned above to be a practical diaper bag.


Diaper Bag backpack for moms


First, our bag has plenty of storage space! With the ability to fit a 17-inch laptop for comparison, you'll have no problem fitting and carrying all of your baby necessities, plus extras. Additionally, this diaper bag was designed with organization in mind! With two exterior outside pockets and a front flap pocket, you can store bottles, water bottles, your keys, wallet, burp clothes, paci, etc., and be able to grab these things at the drop of a dime.

These compartments make for easy accessibility, along with the top zipper closure that keeps everything secure without being challenging to open.

However, its convertible design makes this bag stand out from the rest. The backpack straps make traveling around easy while holding your baby, while the tote bag straps allow you to go the traditional tote bag route if you feel the occasion calls for it.

Never worry about needing two separate bags- a backpack or a tote- you can have it all in one!

Why Is Waxed Canvas A Good Material For A Diaper Bag?

Our last factor to consider if our MAYKO diaper bag backpack stands up to the practicality test revolves around the material it's made of.

Waxed canvas is an ideal material for a diaper bag because of its water resistance. Any spit-ups, getting caught in the rain, water spills, or bottle spills won't be a worry any longer because of the material this diaper bag is made with. An easy wipe with a clean rag and water can get this bag back to its pristine state.

The interior also has a nylon lining that is water resistant, making it very easy to clean and wipe up any spills.

Aside from functionality and practicality, we love that this convertible diaper bag comes in 4 beautiful colors! Choose the bag color that fits your personality best, and we guarantee you'll be looking for opportunities to use your newest diaper bag!

So, do we have the best diaper bag backpack? Yes, we sure do!

A waxed canvas diaper bag is great for every day, but sometimes when you have a bit of a fancier occasion and still need to bring along a diaper bag, a waxed canvas bag may not fit the fashion bill.

Does MAYKO have another fashionable alternative?


Diaper Bag Backpack Leather

MAYKO's leather backpack purse for women is a perfect mix of fashion and function. With a large open compartment, leather interior and exterior pocket, and a zipper closure, this leather diaper bag backpack is perfect for classy evenings and special occasions.

This backpack comes in various leather shades to suit your preference!

 Leather diaper backpack bag

The genuine Italian leather will last and only look better with age, making this a mommyhood investment you'll be happy to make, especially because once the diaper bag era is done, it makes a gorgeous everyday and travel backpack!

In Summary

Picking the right diaper bag is essential for any mom on the go. You need to be sure it's large enough to fit all of your baby things, easy to clean, has plenty of pockets for organization, and most importantly- is fashionable!

The MAYKO diaper bag backpack comes in 4 colors, has a water-resistant waxed canvas exterior, a large interior compartment, and is convertible from a backpack to a shoulder bag. It's the perfect everyday bag for any busy mom!

If you're looking for something that will suit a more special occasion, MAYKO also has a leather backpack purse that is stylish and sophisticated.

If you're a mommy yourself, treat yourselves to one of these diaper bags. If you know of a soon-to-be-mommy, gift her one of these diaper bag backpacks and watch her smile from ear to ear!

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