Mayko's Decade Celebrations - A series of interviews with the Mayko family around the world #1Atlanta

March 13, 2023 4 min read

Mayko's Decade Celebrations - A series of interviews with the Mayko family around the world #1Atlanta

Mayko is celebrating a decade, and we want to stop for a moment and cherish the moment. This is a significant period of doing and creation that moves on a sequence of changes that brought us here. Looking back, we can see how everything happens at the right and exact time, how one thing leads to another and is necessary for the stages of development. A known phrase says: The road to success is always under construction (Steve Marboli). Therefore, it is crucial to enjoy the road because if you look at it, it never ends; it just changes shape.

So welcome our first brave customer who opens this project and her heart for us, Stephanie Grimsley. Stephanie is a 40-year-old business analyst from Atlanta. She could not refer to the last decade without mentioning the world events and the many cultural changes that have changed us all and continue to do so. As people, we have gone through a period full of ups and downs all over the globe. Among all the experiences was a life-changing personal event that happened to Stephanie at the end of 2019, her grandmother died. She was a child of depression and was the most inspiring person in my life. She introduced me to sewing, quilting, and cooking. On every visit, she greeted me with joy. What trouble are we getting into today? Stephanie tells us." she adds, "I am so grateful she has been around for so long; I miss her joy, voice, and uplifting guidance. The world will tell you to go to school, work hard, and make money, and all your dreams will come true. My grandmother was never rich in money; however, she was rich in love, laughter, and much sewing work left for us to finish. Three long years passed without her." Who among us has not lost a loved one? We believe that all our readers will identify with her pain. Life brings us separations and losses, but the love that used to remain exists forever. I hope you continue to feel your grandmother love Stephanie.

In this article, as in life, we make a sharp transition back to the world of bags. Mrs. Grimsley is an old customer that owns a respectable arsenal of MAYKO bags. Out of all the arsenal of bags you have, do you have a favorite? "My gray fanny pack for weekends and my Tami for every day."

 Which one is always the default you choose? "Tami Tote!"

Today, when you look at it, do you like it more? "Yes, my original 3-in-1 bag. Although it has a leather defect. It is well worn and still in rotation”.

What is your advice to our readers? "Travel every chance you get, pack some Mayko bags, and have dinner with the locals." So that's Stephanie's advice for you.

And here is the editorial for Stephanie's two favorite bags.

Tami Bag - we were not surprised to hear that this is Stephanie's first choice. Our Tami bag has been running with us for almost the entire decade because it is practical with timeless design and a winning star that we think every woman should have a friend bag like our Tami tote bag.

It is made of high-quality genuine Italian leather. It looks rough with a unique look and ages so beautifully that it will serve you for many years.

Over the following time, we listened to your feedback and improved each time a little - currently, it is perfect! We sewed the handles that fit on the shoulder to the correct measurement so that they wouldn't slide off the shoulder and rest for prolonged carrying on the shoulder. On the sides of the bag, it includes a press on each side that allows a slight change in the design, depending on the mood. The bag itself closes with two strong magnets that make the bag secure. The advantage of a magnet closure compared to a zipper is that this type of magnet does not wear out compared to a zipper that wear out over the years. The capacity space of the bag is enormous. The right size can hold a laptop up to 15 inches, we decided to make one large and spacious compartment and two large pockets on both sides to make storage spaces for all personal/small things.

On one side, it has a large pocket that closes with a zipper on the other side, it has one compartment across the entire bag divided into three. Customers say that it is a genius and helps them quickly retrieve their small things.

We currently offer the bag in three colors. Stay tuned because all the time we are adding  more colors :)

Fanny Pack - the mythical pouch is back, and we were happy to recreate history and bring our interpretation.

We chose soft Italian Nappa leather for this crossbody fanny pack bag in three classic colors: brown, charcoal gray, and beige. The three colors are suitable for both men and women. The design is clean and rounded. We created a  bag design that does not look too big with a great capacity that is not visible.

Our great insight from listening to Stephanie is how explosive life is and every moment should be appreciated. If there is a product that you desire, don't think twice. Invest in a quality product that will accompany you for years and go through experiences with you, appreciating yourself, those around you, and your belongings.

We thank Stephanie very much for her honest and open sharing. We were glad to meet you.

See you in the next article.

Stephanie's collection of MAYKO bags

 Stephanie's collection of MAYKO bags:

1. Tami Bag

2. Convertible Crossbody Bag

3. Fanny Pack

4. Wristlet Pouch

5. Wallet 

6. Triangle wallet

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