Behind the bag

November 25, 2018 1 min read

Behind the bag

Here at MAYKO, we love when you tell us what you like!

We collect your reviews, feedback, recommendations and do our best to improve ourselves and create for you the bag you wanted, that fits your needs.

We combine your personal style with the seasonal trends popping up right now.

Today we’ll share with you how we process a sketch to a finished product.


Sample process

These days, we work on a new suede leather tote bag. Our vision is to create a bag that fits MAYKO design principles: Practical, classic, with minimal lines and strong structure.

It’s very rewarding to see an idea become a beautiful product that you can wear.

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We start from technical sketches, overview all the small details: like choosing pattern, decide the right size of the tote, length of handles, stitches, adding zipper for better security, option to add a pocket (to find the phone, keys, sunglasses, or chapstick that always go missing!). 

Materials and colors

For this new leather tote, we decided to have our favorite fall choice: Suede leather.

To achieve more steady look, we combined it with a stiffer leather at the bottom of the bag.

The colors were selected from a variety of options, based on trends and on our previous bestseller colors.


We glad to announce that soon we’ll update our online stores with this new suede leather tote.

In the meantime, you can find our crossbody suede bag on sale, click here

Don’t forget to tag us when wearing your new MAYKO tote bag.


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