7 Surprising Leather Facts You Didn't Know!

April 18, 2022 5 min read

7 Surprising Leather Facts You Didn't Know!

Did you know that leather has been around for centuries and is one of the oldest materials known to man? Now, maybe that isn't one of the leather facts you didn't know, but believe us when we say leather has some surprises!

You might be fond of leather goods, but do you really know much about this durable material?

Not many do, but we're here to unveil those hidden gems!

We've got some exciting leather facts for you that you might not have ever heard of before, and that checklist is below. We know you're excited to read those, but(!) before we get to those eagerly anticipated facts, let's learn more about the beginnings of leather.

Who Invented Leather? 

The first recorded use of leather comes from the early Mesolithic period. This was a time when people were just beginning to settle down and establish civilizations, and they used leather for various things, including clothing, shelter, and even as a way to decorate themselves.

Some historians believe that leather may have even been used before the Mesolithic period. This is because there have been findings of leather scraps that date back to the Paleolithic period.

The Paleolithic period, A.K.A. The Stone Age, is a time when people were primarily hunter-gatherers. So, it's possible that leather was used during this time, but there's no exact way to know for sure.

So was there a single person who 'invented' leather? It's hard to say. Leather was likely discovered through trial and error.

People probably realized early on that animal skin could be a valuable material, and they slowly began to figure out how to turn it into leather.

What we do know is that leather has been around for a very long time, and it's likely one of the oldest materials still in use today!

Likely, the way leather was created way back when isn't the same way we produce leather in our time, which leaves us with the question- How is leather made?

How Is Leather Made? 

Leather is made from an animal's skin that has been treated to preserve it. The process used to make leather is called tanning.

Tanning is a process that uses different chemicals and materials to preserve the skin and keep it from decomposing.

The first step of tanning is to soak the animal skin in a vat of water and lime. This helps to loosen the hair on the skin to remove it more easily.

After the hair has been removed, the skin is soaked in a mixture of tannins and other materials. Tannins are a natural substance that helps to preserve the skin.

The tannins can come from tree bark, leaves, or even fruits. After the hide has been soaked in the tannin mixture, it is smoked or dried to preserve it further.

This process also makes the skin more flexible and durable, perfect for making things like clothing, shoes, and other leather goods.

What Is Special About Leather? 

Leather is a very versatile material. It is strong and durable, but it is also flexible and comfortable. Leather is also a natural material, which means it is breathable.

Leather can last for many years if it is taken care of properly. This makes it an excellent material for clothing, shoes, and other items that see a lot of wear and tear. The longevity makes this material so desirable since it not only makes for almost a lifetime of use, but you can also pass it down through generations.

As the years go on, the patina ages wonderfully and will enhance the particular hide's uniqueness.

Since it comes from an animal, leather will always have a slightly different look from one bag to the next. Maybe the color and the style of your handbag are the same, but the tiny grains and marks on the bag will always have minor to major differences, which gives individualists precisely what they want- a distinctive piece solely to call their own.


Making Leather Handbags


So, we're confident to say leather is remarkable not only to us, but also for many consumers worldwide!

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Properties Of Leather 

Some properties of leather include being strong and durable and a great insulator. This means that it can help to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Cow leather can also have a significant variation in thicknesses because of where it is on the cow. The sides and back will be a lot thicker than the stomach area. Plus, leather can also be split into different layers.

This allows for different types of products to be made depending on what is needed. For example, a baseball glove will require a much thinner piece of leather than a saddle or couch would need.

Leather's softness also dramatically depends upon the type of tanning that is done (the types of chemicals used during the tanning procedure).

Alright, so now you know how long leather has been around, how it's made, its properties, and what's so special about it. Let's get to what you really came to read about then, our facts!

7 Surprising Leather Facts!

Ok, we promise we won't make you wait any longer.

Here are our 7 surprising facts about leather!

  1. Leather was used as wallpaper as a means of decoration in the olden days.

  1. Salmon leather is a thing, and a real thing! Some Nordic countries like Iceland and Norway actually make items using leather from Salmons.

  1. Leather made from Kangaroo skin is the strongest leather, and it is also the most abrasion-resistant.

  1. China is the number 1 country to produce the most leather.

  1. The global Leather Market Industry made $350.7 Billion (U.S.) in 2020 alone!

  1. Golf Balls were once made of leather and stuffed with feathers.

  1. Leather mugs were used in England during the 17th and 18th Centuries.


7 Surprising Leather Facts

In Summary

Leather isn't just a future handbag. It's a highly sought after material and for all the right reasons!

It's also a material that has some secrets hidden behind its walls. We've touched the surface with just seven exciting and often unknown leather facts, but as with anything- there is always so much more to learn about this material we love so much.

Since leather has been around since the early Mesolithic Period, time is on its side as the process for creating it has been refined, and its uses have grown.

Leather's enduring properties make it special for not only the ones who work with it but also for the ones who wear it every single day.

If you're a leather lover like ourselves (maybe even a bit obsessed), continue reading our future blogs to come as we throw in a few new and interesting leather facts here and there!

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